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A three-year degree program was launched in Culinary Arts in 2011 with a mission to provide aspiring culinary professionals, a globally benchmarked educational experience and qualification. The program designed by top chefs in India focuses on hands-on-training. Eminent chefs and guest chefs from around the world take classes.

The state-of-the-art facilities offer a realized environment similar to those in first class hotels and restaurants. The laboratory erected in a total of 12500 sq.ft, the Welcomgroup Academy of Culinary Arts (WACA) encompasses innovative teaching, the cutting edge facility providing students with an in-depth understanding of today’s most advanced culinary techniques and technologies providing opportunities for best practice and excellence.

The department of Culinary Arts possesses training kitchens and classrooms, including dedicated hot and cold kitchens, pastry and confectionary kitchens, meat-cutting and fabrication labs; dining room; academic classroom spaces for interaction embedded with its unique Studio Kitchen.

Our culinary programs are designed to help our DCA students pursue their passion and prepare for professional careers in the international culinary industry, patisserie and baking and the food service industry.
Each student of DCA receives a comprehensive, challenging training in classic culinary techniques combined with modern innovations and the latest in global cuisines. They learn through demonstration by experienced chefs reiterated by hands-on, practical application.