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School of Regenerative Medicine 

Regenerative Medicine is a branch of medical science which studies the replacement or regeneration of human cells, tissue and organs, to counter chronic diseases that debilitate organs and hence bodily function. It includes bio-medial approaches to clinical therapies that may involve the use of stem cells by injection of stem cells or progenitor cells. MSC in Regenerative Medicine is an interdisciplinary course involving through training in developmental biology, clinical research, tissue engineering, stem cell biology and equips students to use cutting edge cellular and molecular techniques to understand the field of Regenerative medicine. The course involves practical hands on training in adult stem cell and embryonic stem cell culture and differentiation.

The School of Regenerative Medicine (SORM) strives to add to the research in this branch of medicine by facilitating a group of outstanding scientists to create an exceptional research environment. Through their faculty, curriculum and infrastructure, SORM scholars are encouraged to do some of their best work in basic stem cell biology and for critical advances in the field through ground breaking innovation. Thus, the course work also involves one semester of project work wherein the students pursue research in their specific field of interest in regenerative medicine and stem cells.