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Dr. Anice George
Msc (Paediatric Nursing) MPhil (N) Phd
Official Phone:0820 2922443

Clinic: Paediatrics(1year ), Maternity (1 year)

Teaching:GNM, BSc, MSc & Mphil (24 years)

Any other:Guiding 4 PhD candidates

Areas of Interest in teaching

Nursing Research, Paediatric Nursing & Fundamentals of Nursing

Top 5 research publications/ Projects
  • George Anice & Bhaduri Aparna (2002). Dysmenorrhoea Among Adolescent Girls- Symptoms Experienced During Menstruation. Health Promotion &Education In South East Asia. Vol: XVII (4). PP; 23-34.
  • George, A.J, Renu G, Dsouza P. A study to examine the relationship of stress and dysmenorrheal among adolescent girls.  International Journal of Bio Engineering, Neurosciences and Technology. (2011), Volume 1, Issue 1, Page(s):37-40.ISSN: 2250–0952.
  • George, A.J, Renu G, Dsouza P, Shukri, R. Personal & Professional networking: A way forward in achieving quality nursing care (2011), International Journal of Nursing Education (2011), Volume 3, No:1, Pages 1-3. ISSN: 0974-9349.
  • Sudhaker Christopher, Jain Anice George (2007). Participatory Training Program on Prevention of HIV/AIDS, with Agent Exposure, Among Anganvadi Workers for Training Young Village Women. Indian Journal of Community Medicine. Vol.32, No 3, Editorial Pages.
  •  Pai.S.Mamatha,Bhaduri Aparna, Jain George Anice, Kumar Vijay & Sethi Sarala (2008).The Experiences of Mothers of Pediatric Surgery Children- A Qualitative Analysis. International  Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Vol 23, No 6 (December ) 2008 ,PP.479 to 489.

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