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Dr.Ullas Kamath
Official Phone:91-820-292252
• Dean, Faculty of Medicine, MMMC, since May 2010
• Associate Dean, MMMC, Manipal since Feb, 2010
• Professor of Biochemistry, MMMC, Manipal since October, 2002
• Associate Professor , MMMC, Manipal from August 1998 to October 2002
• Assistant Professor, MMMC, Manipal from February 1995 to August 1998
• Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, KMC, Manipal from August 1993 to February 1995
• Postgraduate/Tutor at KMC, Mangalore from August 1990 to June 1993


• Administrative responsibilities as Dean, MMMC, Manipal
• Teaching Biochemistry to Phase I Stage I medical and dental students of Melaka Manipal Medical College, students of allied health sciences of Manipal University, Post Graduate students
• Conducting PBL sessions, SDL activities, theory and practical examinations and their evaluation
• Serving as external examiner for university examinations of other institutions of the university
• Serving as a faculty mentor for a group of medical students
• Guiding students for mentored student projects
• Actively involved in research in Biochemistry and innovations in medical education
• Guiding Ph.D students
Areas of Interest in teaching
All areas of biochemistry, Chemical Pathology
Top 5 research publications/ Projects
• Association of cigarette smoking with superoxide dismutase enzyme levels in subjects with chronic periodontitis. Journal of periodontology, 2009
• Activated epidermal growth factor receptor as a novel target in pancreatic cancer therapy. Journal of Proteome Research; 2008
• Perspectives on self-directed learning-the importance of attitudes and skills. Bioscience education; 2007
• Maternal and fetal indicators of oxidative stress during intrauterine growth retardation. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry (January 2006)
• Maternal and fetal indicators of oxidative stress in various obstetric complications. Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry;2003