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The college offers excellent recreational facilities which are accessible to all staff and students. MMMC has excellent outdoor and indoor sports and recreational facilities. There is a swimming pool at the Sports Complex, several tennis courts and field for soccer and cricket. The Sports Complex also organises sporting activities and co-curriculum activities, besides serving as the coordinating body for all sporting facilities on campus.

Sports Complex Facilities

Office Opening hours:

Weekdays -     6.30am -9.30am
                       4.30pm -9.30pm
Weekends -     7.00am -10.00am
                        4.30pm - 9.00pm

Campus facilities:

  1. Fully equipped Gymnasium
  2. Squash courts - 4 courts
  3. Badminton courts - 2 courts
  4. Swimming pool
  5. Football field
  6. Aerobics room
  7. Sauna rooms
  8. Basketball Court
  9. Surau, for Muslim staff and students, is located next to the campus