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Hospitals are becoming more and more complex with the enormous progress of medical science in all dimensions. As per the requirements of the country, the role of the hospital is to function as the hub of the whole system of health care, linking preventive and curative medicine. Besides programme management within the hospital, including its fiscal, material and personnel administration, the hospitals have to provide effective leadership for the organisational development and community participation so as to improve the quality of life with a healthier total population. Development of dynamic administration for a hospital expeditiously through formal and adequate education programme is, therefore, of paramount and urgent importance. With the above goals in sight, the department of hospital administration was started at KMC Hospital Manipal under Manipal University. The first Hospital Administration PG student passed out in 1989. Subsequently MCI recognition was given to the course in 1992. 30 postgraduates have passed out of the department so far. All of them are placed in various hospitals across the country and abroad. The department of Hospital Administration is located on the fourth floor of the OPD block.

Departmental Objectives and Role:

The objectives of the department are to conduct the degree course in Hospital Administration (MD in Hospital Administration) which is for a duration of three years recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). In realizing this goal the department is committed

  • To impart theoretical backgrounds in academic disciplines of management science in general for the purpose of application in hospital and health services.
  • To include understanding and knowledge of the complex nature of health and medical care and administration and to foresee antagonizing and synergizing variables towards the role performance of the hospitals.
  • To develop administrative and executive leadership founded on through understanding and knowledge of organizational problems, employee productivity and social responsibilities in the existing milieu.
  • To motivate for learning and research in hospital administration by actual involvement in the operational process of problem identification, decision making and implementation.

The department has been actively involved in administrative management of the KMC hospital, a 2032 bedded tertiary care teaching hospital. Improving the quality of patient care and ensuring optimum utilisation of the resources and facilities are the main objectives. The department is also involved in the various extension plans of the hospital, which has been developed in stages, one of them being the Shirdi Sai Baba Cancer Hospital, Manipal.

The department is actively represented in committees like Institutional Ethics committee, Infection control committee, Pharmaco therapeutic committee and Medical Care Review committee of the hospital.

Contact Information:

Professor & HOD
Department of Hospital Administration,
Kasturba Medical College Hospital,
Manipal 576104, India
91-0820-2922587/ 2922573