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Industry Perspectives 

The growth of the Media and Entertainment sector over the past 10 years has been spectacular.

Technological innovations across media platforms like films, television, mobile telephony, gaming and internet have changed the rules of the game in the most fundamental way. With the entry of multinationals across all sectors in Media, corporatisation seems to be a mantra and well groomed media business professionals, an urgent necessity. In today’s changing business environment, it is imperative to train and nurture competent and professional ‘Business Managers’ and ‘Media Entrepreneurs’.

From linear and more structured forms of managing enterprises, the new economy has given high regard to individuals who show the ability to stretch themselves between logical and rational managerial processes with an understanding of creativity, its sources and its multiple manifestations.

Manipal University’s offering is a major step in the direction of creating such competent professionals across media platforms. Come and experience the thrill of being one such Gen. Next Media Professional.