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Faculty Speak 

“WGSHA is the first college in the country to have started a "Degree Programme" for Hotel Management back in 1985-1986. Having been associated with this college since inception I have seen the efforts that have been undertaken by the institution, for imparting knowledge in the specialised field for twenty four years.This is by no means a meagre achievement.  This college still retains the top position among the Hotel Management colleges in the country.  A lot of credit goes to the founders, management and faculty who have put in a tremendous amount of effort to bring it to the level that it has achieved.  A huge responsibility lies ahead to maintain the top position.”

Mrs. Sethu, Associate Professor 

“I really appreciate the support and exposure given by the university and the college. Faculty/ student exposure to the industry is enormous. Teaching aids are always up to the latest”

Mr Raghavendra G, Lecturer