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Best Practices 


The Mentorship scheme aims to provide the students at KMCIC with the help, advice and counsel of experienced faculty. The teaching staff at KMC IC wholeheartedly participate in this service to give timely academic and personal advice. Parents are kept informed on a regular basis about the student’s academic progress. Students are provided with help regarding acclimatising to the local environment and customs, encouragement in extra-curricular and welfare activities and the use of the healthcare benefits.

Online Examinations

In order to provide the students with ample opportunity to train themselves well for the USMLE, all the End-semester examinations are conducted on-line in the sophisticated and WAP enabled examination halls.

E-Learning Resources
Students are facilitated with an e-learning system, which enables them to obtain study material, announcements, weekly quiz results etc from the teachers. It also helps the students with self study, as the system is well- equipped with narration, animations and interactive quizzes. A separate e-learning centre has been established for this purpose.