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Student clubs 

KMCIC is also proud to host clubs among the students. The club MSAID (Medical Students Aiding for India’s Development) provides opportunities to the students to interact in an informal and healthy manner, conduct seminars, symposiums, outdoor games, visits to orphanages and fund-raising for noble causes by conducting marathons etc. Another club ‘Alfa-Theta-Sigma’ also follows the footsteps of the other clubs.


Medical Students Aiding in India’s Development popularly known as MSAID is a volunteer-charity based organisation formed by the students of KMC IC. It came into existence in September, 2006. MSAID’s mandate is to promote awareness and providing help concerning developmental issues in India, more specifically the southern states of India. In the process, we educate and expose medical students about their role as a global citizen. The contributions of this organisation is directed towards projects involving sustainable development which includes education and health care primarily apart than other such activities. There are two primary beneficiaries of this endeavour: the less fortunate local Indian citizens and the students of KMCIC. Since fund-raising is directed towards primary health clinics, orphanages, schools etc, the less fortunate populations benefit from it. For the students, the exposure and awareness on local issues and conditions enables them to learn how to use their future medical titles to create positive change and promote social justice. Some of the wide range of activities that are conducted under MSAID are: Run/ Walk to Save a life, Aids Walk: Marathons, Charity Ball , Garba, Orphanage trips, Movie Nights, Is Health possible for all? (Workshop on the inequality of Healthcare) Dodge ball and water balloon fight, Workshop and awareness on terrorism, genocide, child solders, human trafficking, influential women, and disabled athletes, Holi celebrations, Onam celebrations, Independence Day celebrations, Diwali with migrant
workers, Children’s Day celebration, Poster campaign etc.