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The Department of European Studies is a step further in Manipal University’s (MU) commitment to sans-border education in the interest of humanity. The Department is supported by a funding from the Delegation of European Commission to India, Bhutan and Nepal.

The objective of the Centre is to develop and broaden the Indo-EU relations by sharing each other’s strengths with the help of educational enterprise, fostering institutional partnerships between universities leading to a mutually beneficial exchange of information and enhancement of common human knowledge.

The focus:

• To provide academic support for establishing closer links between India and the EU
• To encourage research in Indo-EU relations and the underlying factors
• To promote understanding between India and EU states by educating people about the culture, language, social and economic conditions on both sides
• To develop manpower that has knowledge of both India and EU, which will in turn help in the process of cooperation
• To generate common knowledge that would be beneficial to both India and EU
MA European Studies (Dual-degree Programme)

Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany is a partner in the establishment of the Department.

DES video:

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