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Name of the candidate Name of the guide Thesis Title Year of passing
1. June 1976 Dr.E.Muniratnam Naidu Dr.S.P.
  June 1976
2. June 1979 Dr.Baby K.L. Dr.K.S.Bhat Effect of surface active agents on the physical properties of calcium sulfate alpha hemihydrate – a preliminary study Dec. 1979
3.   Dr.D.V. Nadgir Dr.K.S.Bhat A clinical study on the retention of denture bases with polished fitting surface vis a vis conventionally prepared bases. Dec. 1979
4. Dec. 1983 Dr.Mathai Joseph K. Dr.Surech Chandra Tricalcium phosphate as immediate root implant for the maintenance of alveolar bone – a clinical study. Dec. 1983
5.   Dr.S.P.Katti Dr.Shyam Singh A study of denture acceptance behaviour in complete denture patients. Dec. 1983
6.   Dr.Haneef Sherfudhin Dr.Suresh Chandra Fovea-palatine – its reliability in complete denture prosthesis – a clinical study. Dec. 1983


Dr.K.S.A. Pasha Dr.Shyam Singh Oral stereognosis in edentulous patients. Dec. 1983
8. Dec. 1984 Dr.S. Ramanand Shetty Dr.Shyam Singh Stress distribution in mandible under occlusal load in different clinical situations – a photoelastic study. Jan. 1985
9.   Dr.C.L. Satish Babu Dr.Shyam Singh Determination of rest vertical relation – a comparative study of conventional methods & electromyography with biofeed back. Jan. 1985
10.   Dr.Partha S. Roy Dr.Shyam Singh Taste threshold in complete denture wearer – a clinical study. Jan. 1985
11. June 1985 Dr.Satish B. Baralay Dr.Shyam Singh The relationship of the dental midline to the facial median line – a clinical study. Dec. 1985
12. Dec. 1985 Dr.Ashok Kumar Sultan Dr.Shyam Singh A study of anterior teeth bite marks in relation to facial land marks – role in Prosthodontics and Forensic Odontology. Dec. 1985
12   Dr.Nikhilesh C.Roy Dr.Shyam Singh Determination of the occlusal plane in relation to facial types – a cephalometric study. Dec. 1985
13. Dec. 1986 Dr.Paul Varghese Dr.Shyam Singh Stress patterns of different occlusal forms of acrylic resin teeth in complete dentures – a comparative photoelastic study. Dec. 1986
14. Dec. 1987 Dr.Mariette D’Souza Dr.K.S.Bhat Dr.N.C.Roy Arrangement of appear anterior teeth for dynaesthetic dentures – a study of natural dentition. Dec. 1987
15. Dec. 1990 Dr.Mahmood Yaveri Dr.K. Bhargava A study of the colour of the natural anterior teeth amongst youth compared with the commercial acrylic shade guides. Dec. 1990
16. June 1991 Dr.Bamboat Nozar M. Dr.K. Bhargava A radiographic analysis for comparative evaluation of arbitrary methods to locate the center of head of the condyle at an established maxillo-mandibular relations in edentulous jaws. June 1991
17.   Dr.G. Sudhakara Bhat Dr.K. Bhargava An evaluation of closest speaking space using various sibilants in different age and sex groups. June 1991
18.   Dr.Mathew M.Alani Dr.K. Bhargava The effect of the posterior palatal seal on the retention of edentulous temporary denture bases made in shellac base plate – a clinical study. June 1991
19. June 1992 Dr.Martin Thomas Dr.K. Bhargava The relation of the incisive papilla to the maxillary central incisors and canines – a clinical study. July 1992
20.   Dr.Mathew Thomas K. Dr.K. Bhargava An evaluation of the interocclusal distance in different age, sex and population groups – a clinical study. July 1992
21.   Dr.Pratheek Shetty Dr.K. Bhargava An epidemiological study of a rural population for prevalence of edentulousness and prosthetic needs. July 1992
22. June 1993 Dr.Anjali Therese Saldanha Dr.K. Bhargava A study of the needs of complete denture patients in S.K.Dist (India) – A survey of 400 patients visiting the Dental Hospitals. Dec. 1993
23.   Dr.Neena Leonie D’Souza Dr.K. Bhargava A cephalometric study comparing the occlusal plane in dentulous and edentulous subjects and its relation to the maxillo mandibular space. June 1993
24. Dec. 1993 Dr.Cyril Kurian Joseph Dr.K. Bhargava Comparison of retention of edentulous mandibular border moulded special trays with and without sublingual crescent seal – a clinical study. Dec. 1993
25. July 1994 Dr.Miriam Mathew Dr.K. Bhargava A cephalometrically predicted occlusal plane from dentulous subjects, applied in edentulous subjects and compared with camper’s line in a South Indian population. June 1995
26.   Dr.Murali M. Dr.K. Bhargava A clinical study to derive prediction formulae by correlating nose width with mesio-distal dimension of maxillary anterior teeth in dentulous subjects for proper selection of maxillary anterior teeth in edentulous subjects. July 1994
27.   Dr.Seema Kini K. Dr.K. Bhargava Comparative bond strengths of heat cured and light cured denture base resins to cross linked acrylic posterior tooth – an in vitro study. July 1994
28. June 1995 Dr.C.S.N. Rao Dr.K. Bhargava A comparative study of two commercially available denture cleansers and a commonly used method of cleaning for their efficacy and a microbiological study to assess the fungicidal activity of the denture cleansers used. Dec. 1995
29.   Dr.M.A. Abdul Gafoor Dr.K. Bhargava An investigation into the dimensional stability and surface detail reproduction of zinc oxide – eugenol impression after immersion in selected disinfectant solutions. Dec. 1995
30.   Dr.Shaju Philip Dr.K. Bhargava The validity of existing ratio between bizygomatic width and maxillary anterior teeth in South and North Indian subjects and the correlation of results of South Indian dentulous with edentulous subjects in the selection of maxillary artificial anterior teeth. June 1995
31. April 1996 Dr.Sandhya Nayak K. Dr.K. Bhargava A clinical and radiographic study evaluating the relationship between Fovea Palatine, vibrating line and posterial nasal spine amongst dentulous and edentulous subjects of various age groups. April 1996
32. July 1996 Dr.Anjana Suryakant Gandhi Dr.K. Bhargava A microbiological study comparing the efficacy of two commonly available denture cleansers and soap and brush method of cleaning complete dentures. July 1996
33.   Dr.Giridhar Kamath P. Dr.K. Bhargava A comparative evaluation of impact strength of heat cured poly (methyl methacrylate) dentures base resin reinforced with Kevlar and Polyethylene fibers – an in vitro study. July 1996
34.   Dr.Nishna U.K. Dr.K. Bhargava An invitro investigation into the cytotoxicity of methyl methacrylate monomer. July 1996
35.   Dr.Sarkari Cherag Dinshaw Dr.K. Bhargava A clinical investigation into the validity of the golden proposition in the maxillary anterior teeth in a cross section of the Indian population and the correlation of a new proportion derived for the South Indian dentulous group with the edentulous group as an aid in the selection of maxillary artificial anterior teeth. July 1996
36. July 1997 Dr.Dhiraj Vohra   An investigation into the dimensional stability of alginate impression material after incorporating chlorhexidine – an in vitro study. July 1997
37.   Dr.Pankaj Datta   An evaluation of the efficacy of irreversible hydrocolloid (alginate) impression material incorporated with chlorhexidine in infection control – an in vitro study. July 1997
38.   Dr.Suresh V.Nayar   A comparison of the wear of acrylic facings / veneers by three types of commercially available dentifrices – an in vitro study. July 1997
39.   Dr.Susan Abraham   A comparative study on the tensile bond strength of conventional denture base resin to cross linked acrylic tooth using different curing cycles – an in vitro study. July 1997
40.   Dr.Lijo Isaac   The effect of refusing a nickel-chromium alloy on its ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and modulus of elasticity. July 1997
41. Dec. 1997 Dr.Vinoo Poothen Mathew   Comparative evaluation of the effect of artificial aging on the marginal leakage of cast crowns luted with three cements – an in vitro study. Dec. 1997
42. June 1998 Dr.Aby Mathew T.   A comparative evaluation of transberse strength of heat cure denture base resin repaired by heat cure, self cure and light cure resins. Dec. 1998
43.   Dr.Aparna I.N.   A clinical evaluation of the effect of varying occlusal table width of denture teeth on biting pressure. June 1998
44.   Dr.A.V.R. Chalapathi   An evaluation of the effect of varying tray space and time dependent changes with repeatd pours on the dimensional accuracy of monophasic polyvinyl siloxanes on the interpretation distance in fixed Prosthodontics – an in vitro study. June 1998
45.   Dr.George Puthenpurayil John   An evaluation of the shear bond strengths of cast post and cores of varying post diameters cemented with two adhesive cements – an in vitro study. Dec. 1998
46.   Dr.Gee Varghese George   Comparative evaluation of the surface area of maxillary denture bearing area obtained through functionally molded and a manually molded impression – a clinical study. July 1998
47.   Dr.Vidya Pai   Comparative evaluation of effect of auxillary retentive features on retention of complete cast crowns in teeth with adequate and inadequate crown height – an in vitro study July 1998
48. Dec. 1998 Dr.Smita Agarwal   A comparison of the interocclusal distance obtained using physiologic rest position by electromyography with biofeed back and conventional methods in different skeletal groups of dentulous subjects. Dec. 1998
49.   Dr.Shilpa Khullar     A clinical evaluation of the condylar guidance using orbitale and incisal notch as anterior points of reference for facebow transfer on edentulous subjects. June 1999
50.   Dr.Sarita Joshi   A comparison of wear resistance of five brands of commercially available acrylic denture teeth – an invitro study. June 1999
51.   Dr.Amita Singla   Comparative evaluation of the effect of simulated porcelain firing cycle on the mechanical properties and microstructure of base metal ceramic alloys. June 1999
52. Dec. 1999 Dr.Manisha Gupta   Evaluation of the correlation between tooth form, face form, arch form and palatal contour – a comparative study. Dec. 1999
53. June 2000 Dr.Devika Bhola
  The effect of relining mandibular complete dentures with a heat curing soft denture liner on the masticatory performance – a clinical study. July 2000
54.   Dr.Ch.Murali Krishna
  In vitro failure load of porcelain covering the labial and palatal surface compared with porcelain covering only labial surface in metal ceramic crowns of maxillary anterior teeth. July 2000
55.   Dr.Anoop Mohammed Azad   Comparative evaluation of tensile bond strength of denture base resins to surface pre-treated cobalt-chromium base metal alloys – an invitro study. Dec. 2000
56. July  2001 Dr.Ronnie George   Surface chemical treatment with ethyl acetate and repair of fractured denture base resins – an in vitro analysis of transverse strengths. July 2001
57.   Dr.S.N.Chandra Sekhara Reddy   An evaluation of surface texture of heat cured relined material processed against different mold materials – a SEM study. July 2001
58.   Dr.Geeta Arya   Effect of surface finish on colour stability of acrylic resin veneer materials after immersion in common beverages at different time interval – an invitro study. July 2001
59.   Dr.N.Chandra Sekhar   Linear dimensional accuracy of different impression techniques of polyvinyl siloxanes after pouring the cast. July 2001
60. July 2002 Dr.Sangeetha M.
  Culture and drug sensitivity of microorganisms isolated from suspected cases of denture stomatitis – an in vitro study. July 2002
61.   Dr.Kaleswara Rao A., 000358006   The effect of denture cleansers in resiliency of soft lining materials – an in vitro study. July 2002
62.   Dr.Taneshwar Singh Chahal, 000358003   Prevalence of acrylic allergy in healthy individuals. July 2002
63. Dec. 2002 Dr.N.Amarendra Reddy 000358002   Comparison of facial  measurements used in obtaining occlusal vertical dimension – a clinical study. Dec. 2002
64.   Dr.Naveen Oberoi
  A laboratory study to determine an optimal time interval from the fabrication of an autopolymerizing acrylic resin tray to making of an elastomeric impression. Dec. 2002
65. June 2003 Dr.Rizwan Ali Akber Ali Shivji
  Evaluation of the fracture strength of heat polymerized acrylic resin denture base, in different edentulous palatal vault configuration fabricated in varying thickness – an invitro study. June 2003
66. July 2004 Dr. Sridevi Yalamanchili, .010308002   A Clinical Evaluation of The Reproducibility of Condylar Guidance Values on Two Semi adjustable Articulators. July 2004
67. Dec. 2004 Dr. Pardeep Kumar
  Comparison of the Dimensional Accuracy of Monophasic and Putty-Wash Polyvinyl
siloxanes on the Inter-Prepartion Distance in Fixed Prosthodontics – An in-vitro study
Dec. 2004
68. Dec. 2004 Dr. Miranda Glynis Anita 010308004   Use of Interalar and Intercommissural Widths as Reliable Guides for Selection  of
Maxillary Anterior Teeth – A clinical study
Dec. 2004
69.   Dr. Shivani Hooda 010308005   Evaluation of facial Asymmetry Using Gigital Photographs with Computer Aided
Dec. 2004
70. July 2005 Dr. Sivaranjani Gali, 020308003   Dental Pumice as a source of cross contamination in private clinics and commercial laboratories – A Microbiological study by July 2005
71.   Dr. Vijay Prakash 020308006   Comparison of Stress Distribution and Flexion among various designs of bar attachments for implant overdentures –A three dimensional Finite Element Analysis. July 2005
72. Dec. 2005 Dr.Santhosh John 020308001   A Comparative Evaluation of the effect of Simulated Porcelain firing cycles on the mechanical properties of Nickel Chromium Alloys – An in-vitro Study. Dec. 2005
73.   Dr.Neerja Gogia 020308008   A Comparison of Transverse Strength of Denture Base Resins on Immersion for varying time period in water and denture cleansers – An in-vitro study. Dec. 2005
74.   Dr. Aarti Saxena 020308009   An Analysis of the Nasolabial Angle and its relevance to tooth position in Edentulous patients using patient photographs and computer software. Dec. 2005
75. July 2006 Dr. Nayana Prabhu, 030308005   Partial Edentulousness in a rural population based on the Kennedy’s classification – An Epidemiological Study. July 2006
76.   Dr. Sunil Chandra T., 030308007   Evaluation of Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of recycles Ni-Cr Base Metal Alloys. July 2006
77. Dec. 2006 Dr. Robin Mathai Joseph, 030308001 Dr.Mariette D’Souza A Comparative evaluation of stain removal efficacy of commonly used denture cleansers from heat cured acrylic resin – An invitro study. Dec. 2006
78.   Dr. Sandeep Kumar, 030308004 Dr.Mariette D’Souza
Dr.Giridhar Kamath
A Determination of Occlusal plane comparing different levels of the tragus to form ALA-Tragal line or camper’s line – A Photographic study. Dec. 2006
79. April 2007 Dr.Alen George 040308001 Dr.Veena Hegde A clinical trial for evaluating the efficiency of gingival retraction between retraction cord and injectable retraction agent expasyl – an  invitro study. Oct. 2007
80.   Dr.Gitanjali M.
Dr.Giridhar Kamath Comparison of the dual-arch impression technique and the complete-arch custom tray impression technique, in the dimensional accuracy of gypsum dies generated and in patient comfort – a clinical study. April 2007
81   Dr.Mandakini Mohan
Dr.Giridhar Kamath Comparative evaluation of the curve of spee and posterior disclusion during protrusion in two age groups – a clinical study. April 2007
82   Dr.Sharon JR Saldanha
  An identification and comparison of salivary proteins on the titanium abutments in edentulous and partially edentulous subjects. April 2007
83   Dr.Nanda Kumar K.
  An Evaluation of the position of the neutral zone in relation to the crest of mandibular alveolar ridge – an invivo study. April 2007
84 April 2008 Dr.Mahesh M.
Dr.Veena Hegde Effect of latex gloves with different surfactants upon polymerization inhibition of three different polyvinyl siloxane impression materials – an in-vitro study. April 2008
85   Dr.N.Kulashekar Reddy
Dr.Aparna I.N. Effect of frequency and amplitude of vibration and role of surfactant on void formation in dies poured from polyvinyl siloxane impressions. April 2008
86   Dr.Neha Jain
Dr.Dhanasekar B. To determine inner canthal distance and its geometric progression as predictor of maxillary central incisor width and to determine width to height ratio of maxillary central incisor. April 2008
87   Dr.S.Parithimarkalaignan
Dr.Veena Hegde Evaluation of marginal gap of Ni-Cr based base metal alloys and the clinical acceptability of single castings invested in phosphate bonded investment with the use of conventional and accelerated casting techniques – an in-vitro study. April 2008
88 April 2009 Dr.Deepthi Kalahasti
Dr.Veena Hegde Effect of microwave irradiation in disinfecting dental gypsum casts.  
89   Dr.Deepti C.Jain
Dr.Veena Hegde Effect of tray design on the accuracy of stone casts poured from two different brands of irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials.  
90   Dr.Gagan Khanna
Dr.Aparna I.N. Comparison of micro hardness of three different types of acrylic artificial denture teeth – an in vitro study.  
91   Dr.Mukesh Kumar Goyal
Dr.Dhanasekar B. A comparative study to evaluate the discrepancy in condylar guidance values between two comme4rcially available arcon and non-arcon articulators – a clinical study.  
 92 2009   Dr. Kollu Sunitha Dr.Veena Hegde    “ To compare the effect of self-disinfecting chlorhexidine with sodium hypochlorite on the irreversible hydrocolloid impression material- an invitro study”  2010
93  2009  Dr. Manawar Ahmad    Dr. Dhanasekar B.  To evaluate accuracy of three conceptually different die systems in fabrication of die in implant prosthesis- an invitro study”  2010
 94 2009   Dr. Azeem Amirali Khoja  Dr. Veena Hegde  “Relative color stability of ceramic dental shade tabs when subjected to disinfection with two commonly used surface disinfectants- an invitro study”  2010
 95  2009 Dr. Neha Malaviya    Dr. Aparna IN  “Evaluation of surface detail changes and compressive strength of gypsum casts after immersion in hypochlorite solution and microwave irradiation- an invitro study”  2010
 96  2010  Dr. Jyoti Hassija  Dr.Veena Hegde  “Effect of ceramic thickness and number of firings on the color of metal ceramic restorations”  2011
 97  2010  Dr. Sunanda Sharma  Dr.Veena Hegde  1)To study in vitro the relative effectiveness of three antifungal agents (melaleuca alternifolia, chlorhexidine, nystatin) when incorporated in tissue conditioners 2)To evaluate the effect of the association of the three antifungal agents with a tissue conditioner on its tensile strength.”  2011
 98 2010   Dr Lokendra. K. Gupta  Dr.Aparna IN  “Evaluation of flexural strength and growth of candida albicans, streptococcus mutans on the surface of modified denture base resins- an invitro study”  2011
 99 2010   Dr. Neha Maheshwari Mall  Dr. Aparna IN.  “Influence of denture cleaners on color stability of acrylic teeth- an invitro study”  2011
 100  2011  Dr. Donny Philip Varghese  Dr. Veena Hegde  Evaluation of the effect of an antimicrobial agent on the physical properties of an irreversible hydrocolloid impression material- an invitro study”  2012
 101 2011   Dr.Gurkaran Preet Singh  Dr. Veena Hegde  To Evaluate the effect of pre-processing surface treatment of artificial tooth on the adhesive bond between commercially available artificial teeth and acrylic denture base resin – An vitro study  2012
 102  2011 Dr. Lingeshwar D   Dr. Aparna IN  Quantification of residual monomer in commonly available heat cured denture base products using high performance liquid chromatography- an invitro study”  2012
 103  2011  Dr. Puneeth Hegde K.  Dr. Dhanasekar. B  “Comparison of stress patterns in edentulous mandibular bone around; two-implant retained four-implant retained overdenture and all-on-four concept. A three dimensional finite element analysis”  2012