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Sl No Year of sub- mission Name of the candidate Name of the guide Title Year of passing
1. June 1985 Dr.Paladugu Jhansi Rani Dr.Vijay Raghavan Incidence of ABO blood groups in oral cancer in South Kanara District. June 1985
2. Dec. 1985 Dr.Madhumita Ghosh Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum fucose level in patients of oral cancer. Dec. 1985
3.   Dr.Sreelatha K.T. Dr.Vijay Raghavan Rare lesions of the oral cavity – case reports. Dec. 1985
4. Dec. 1986 Dr.M. Muralidhar Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in oral premalignant and malignant lesions. Dec. 1986
5. Dec. 1987 Dr.Jacob Joseph Dr.Vijay Raghavan Comparison of panoramic and Water’s view in maxillary sinus pathoses. Dec. 1987
6. June 1989 Dr.Wasif Manzar Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum B2 microglobulin in oral cancer. Dec. 1989
7. Dec. 1989 Dr.N.Balan Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of circulating immune complexes and serum immunoglobulins in patients with oral cancer. June 1990
8. June 1990 Dr.M.K. Mangalam Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum ceruloplasmin in oral cancer. June 1990
9.   Dr.N.Vallikanthan Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum silic acid in oral cancer. June 1990
10. June 1991 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum ferritin in oral cancer. Dec. 1991
11. July 1992 Dr.R.Pramod John Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum alpha 1 – antitrypsin in oral cancer. June 1993
12. Dec. 1992 Dr.Laxmikanth Charta H. Dr.Vijay Raghavan Evaluation of serum pseudocholinesterase (PcLE) in oral cancer. June 1993
13. July 1996 Dr.Chandrasekhar T.     Aug. 1996
14. Dec. 1997 Dr.Patil Shama Vishnupant   Association of oral lichen planus with systemic disorders   – a study amongst dental medical patients. Dec. 1997
15. June 1998 Dr.S.V. Srinivasan   Phychosomatic orofacial diseases – a study amongst dental and psychiatric patients. June 1998
16. June 1999 Dr.Auswaf Ahsan K.P. Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Diagnosis of osteoporosis using panoramic radiographic measurements – a study amongst osteoorotic female. Dec. 1999
17.   Dr.Rajesh P. Paravatty Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai A comparative study of developmental disturbances of teeth with palatal rugae patterns and dermatoglyphics. June 1999
18.   Dr.Sudhakara Reddy R.   Fibrosis in oral submucous fibrosis – an invivo study to correlate with reparative fibrosis due to trauma. June 1999
19. June 2000 Dr.Jessy Mathai 980360003 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai The role of panoramic radiography as a predictor of stroke July 2000
20.   Dr.Manoj Vengal 980360003 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Detecion of oral cancer and precancerous lesions using Raman spectroscopy. July 2000
21.   Dr.Anuradha Bhat K. 980460002   Preleukoplakia, Leukoedema and Betel chewer’s mucosa – a cinopathologic study. July 2000
22. Dec. 2001 Dr.Smitha Govind 990360001 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Serum levels of Beta-carotene in smokers and non-smokers – a comparative study using high performance thin layer chromatography. Dec. 2001
23. Dec. 2002 Dr.Rajeev S. 000360002 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Psychosocial factors in oral lichen planus. Dec. 2002
24.   Dr.Ravikiran Ongole 000360003 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Detection of oral precancers and cancers using high performance liquid chromato-graphy – laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Dec. 2002
25.   Dr.Prerna Taneja 000460002   Correlation of clinical patterns of oral squamous cell carcinoma with age, sex, site and habits. Dec. 2002
26. July 2004 Dr. Shibu Thomas 010310001   Morphometric Analysis of pulp cavity from intra oral periapical radiographs as a method of age estimation in adults.  July 2004
27. Dec. 2004 Dr. Sarat G., 010310006   Computer Assisted Differential Diagnosis of Oral White Lesions (CADDOWL) Dec. 2004
28. Dec. 2004 Dr. Arindm Sarkar 010310005   Optical Spectroscopic Techniques for the Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer Dec. 2004
29. Dec. 2005 Dr. Anshul Mehra 020410002   Evaluation of Efficacy of Panoramic Cross-Sectional Tomography in Endosteal Dental Implant treatment planning in Mandibular Posterior Region: An In-Vitro study. Dec. 2005
30. Dec. 2005 Dr Archana Nagpal 020310004   Localization of Impacted maxillary canine using a panoramic radiograph. Dec. 2005
31. Dec. 2005 Dr Ajit Auluck 020310001   Comparison of Ultrasonography and Computed Tomography in Detection of Foreign bodies of soft tissues – An Invitro study. Dec. 2005
32. June 2006 Dr. Gaurav Sharma, 030310002   Oral manifestations in 300 South Indians infected with HIV/AIDS – A prospective cross – sectional study. June 2006
33.   Dr. Sujoy Ghosh, 030310003   Evaluation of morphological alterations in mandible: A prospective cross-sectional panoramic radiographic study. June 2006
34. Dec. 2006 Dr. Honey Arora 030310004   Efficacy of He-Ne Lasers in the Treatment of Radiotherapy/ Chemoradiotherapy – Induced Oral Mucositis in Oral Cancer Patients. Dec. 2006
35. April 2007 Dr.Varun Agarwal 040310006 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Reliability of the panoramic radiography in evaluating the topographic relationship between the mandibular canal and mandibular third molars – an invitro study. April 2007
36.   Dr.Amar A. Sholapurkar 040310008 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Comparison of the efficacy of fluconazole mouthrinse and clotrimazole mouthpaint in the treatment of oral candidiasis. April 2007
37.   Dr.Aparna Aggarwal 04031010 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Orofacial manifestations of leukemic children undergoing treatment – a descriptive study. April 2007
38 Oct. 2007 Dr.Vineetha R. 040310007 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Salivary alpha amylase as a biomarker of chronic stress and stress related oral mucosal changes – a preliminary study. Oct. 2007
39 April 2008 Dr.Nandita Shenoy 050310002 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Determination of usefulness of saliva and serum in the detection of oral cancer: a pilot study using a modified HPLC – LIF set up. April 2008
40   Dr.K.Jeena Priya 050310003 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Efficacy of modified laser induced fluorescence (LIF) set up in oral cancer detection – an in-vitro study. April 2008
41 Oct. 2008 Dr.Anuna Laila Mathew 040310009 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai Prevalence of radiographic changes in mandibular condyle and its association with age, signs and symptoms of temporomandibular dysfunction and dentition status. Oct. 2008
42 April 2009 D.Yogesh Chhaparwal 060310003 Dr.Keerthilatha M.Pai A study to assess the efficacy and safety of tetrahydrocurcuminoids in treating oral leukoplakia.  
43 April 2010 Dr Smitha Rani
Dr Keerthilatha Pai Prevalence of habit associated oral mucosal lesions among dental outpatients – A prospective cross sectional study April 2010
44 April 2010  Dr. RohitGadda
Dr Keerthilatha Pai Risk factors for diagnostic subgroups of painful temporomandibular disorders April 2010 
45 April 2011 Dr Shruthi Acharya
Dr Keerthilatha Pai  Oral changes in patients receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer  April 2011
46 April 2011 Dr AdityaPatney
 Dr Keerthilatha Pai A study to assess the usefulness of salivary sialic acid & total proteins as tumour markers in oral cancer  April 2011
47  April 2012  Dr AditiLele
 Dr Keerthilatha Pai Meniscal position in TM joint and its clinical relevance – MRI study April 2012 
48  April 2012  Dr AninditaSaha
 Dr Keerthilatha Pai Dentascan in the evaluation of jaw lesions: a comparative study  April 2012