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Welcome to International Twinning Engineering Program - ICAS

The ICAS program is designed as a platform for those students aspiring to graduate from some of the top universities in the world. With the increase in student mobility to universities abroad, Manipal University introduced the ICAS program with a view to encourage students to pursue their studies in these reputed universities in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and France.

Students spend the first two years of the ICAS program studying in Manipal University, India. During this tenure students are trained to meet eligibility requirements as well as have a cultural understanding of the destination country of their choice. And thus, provide students with the required foundation for the following two years which will be spent in USA, UK, Australia, Canada or France.

On completion of the first two years, students then transfer over to universities abroad through a credit transfer system. Students then continue the remainder of the course as a regular student of that university. Upon graduation, students are awarded an international engineering degree from the foreign university and provided with placement opportunities.

With 26 prestigious partner universities to choose from, along with the opportunity to pursue any other university of their choice, students have a wide array of options for the final two years of the program.