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Jayashankar Tedla

  • Reliability Of Hand Held Dynamometer For Knee Muscles In Children
  • Normative Values Of Trunk And Lower Extremity Muscles In Children Age 5-15 Years
  • Effect Of Cryotherapy On Ankle Joint Proprioception On Non Symptomatic Subjects; An Interventional Study
  • Students Attitude Towards Physiotherapy Profession
  • Balance Training Effects In Down’s Syndrome Children
  • Proprioception Deficit In Spastic Diplegia Children
  • Effect Of Bridging Exercise On Cardiovascular Parameters In Hypertensive Patients
  • Effect Of Thoracic Manipulations On Cardiovascular Parameters
Currently Working Projects- On Going
  • Strength Training Effects On Balance In Children With Spastic Diplegia; A Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Measurement Of Trunk Muscle Strength By Using Hand Held Dynamometer
  • Reliability And Validity Of Hand Held Dynamometer In Checking Trunk Muscle Strength
  • Normative Data For Forward Reach And Lateral Reach In Children