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Know MCOAHS, KMC Mangalore campus  

Allied health professionals are important for holistic healthcare. Realising the need to have professionals in this field, Manipal University started the AHS program at KMC Mangalore in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. Later, in 2004, the bachelor’s program in speech and hearing was started. 

True to expectations, when our students started graduating, they were quickly absorbed in hospitals and other centres which valued their worth. That was when the great potential for employment in corporate hospitals, rehabilitation centers, polyclinics, industries, training institutions in India and abroad, apart from the option of private practice, came to be known. 

The graduates from allied health have excellent academic opportunities to pursue higher studies abroad in international universities and institutes and are highly regarded for their credentials in USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Middle East countries. Apart from educational ventures, professionals can also embark on newer opportunities of research and working as research associates in overseas funded projects