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Counseling Centre 

Student Counselling Centre

 (Tel No: 0820 – 2922903 / 2922035)

The office is located on the 1st floor (Room No 104) of building. The Counsellor is available with prior appointment.

The Student Counselling Centre is there, to help YOU help YOURSELF.

Having joined a professional course, you may face situations that place several demands on you physically and psychologically. Certain times one tends to feel stressed out. Talking to a Counsellor could relieve your anxieties and help you get back on your feet again. There may be certain issues that are very personal and are interfering with your work and normal functioning. Peer group may sometimes be unable to understand them. Being away from home in a new environment can also put you in a distressing situation at times. That is the time a Counsellor can be of help. A Counsellor can help you to feel more comfortable in your new set-up. The Counsellor is the person you can turn to whenever you need to discuss some difficult situations in your life.

 The Counselling Centre provides total privacy to students who need guidance and counselling. All matters discussed are kept strictly confidential.
Following are the oft encountered areas of concern for a student:

- Academic
- Examination anxiety
- Loneliness / depression
- Interpersonal relationship issues
- Physical and mental stress
- Family issues
- Career planning
- Addictions (substance abuse)
- Adjustment to the new environment

In case you feel the need to discuss any of the above or any other related issues, you may contact the Counsellor at the Centre directly.  Besides, the Counsellor visits the hostels periodically and identifies the student in need of support.


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