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  • The hostel facilities fee is collected on an annual basis. It is compulsory for all the students (except local residents and post graduate students) to reside in the hostel for the first year. The fee varies with each category of accommodation. The hostel facilities fee will be collected at the commencement of each academic year as per the schedule notified by the University or by the hostel accounting office.

    Delayed payments will attract a fine of 12% per annum computed for each default day. Hostel facilities fee for each academic year will be published on the hostel notice board.

    No individual intimation will be given to the students/ parents/ guardian. Every student is expected to ascertain this from the notice board.

  • Every student admitted to the hostel is required to make a Hostel Deposit. The deposit will be refunded when the student vacates the hostel on production of a ’Dues Clearance Certificate’. The amount of hostel deposit is published along with the schedule of hostel facilities fee.
  • Hostel Facilities Fee for Casual Students: Students who do not complete their studies within the regular period stipulated for the course have to vacate their hostel rooms. However they may be allotted accommodation as per availability for a further term(s) on non-priority basis subject to the following:

    50% of the annual hostel facilities fee will be charged to such students for a term not exceeding six months. The student will have to pay the hostel fee for the entire year for retaining accommodation beyond a period of six months

  • Payment of Hostel Facilities Fee/Deposit: The hostel facilities fee/deposit may be remitted by a demand draft drawn in favour of the following and can be paid at the time of counselling or registration/admissions:
    - MAHE HOSTELS made payable at Manipal/ Udupi for Manipal University hostels
    - MAHE HOSTELS made payable at Mangalore for Mangalore hostels
    - MIT HOSTELS made payable at Manipal/ Udupi for MIT hostels
    - WGSHA HOSTELS made payable at Manipal/ Udupi for WGSHA hostels
    - STEMPEUTICS RESEARCH PVT. LTD. made payable at Bangalore for MIRM hostels

  • Charges for electricity, water, other utilities etc., will be divided equally among the residents of each block and collected from them. These charges called ‘Utility Fees’ are in addition to the hostel fee.


(This is not applicable to first year students)

  • Hostel facilities fee refund is considered on monthly basis. Charging on daily basis for overstay beyond one month is not permitted and such overstay will be considered as full month stay.

  • This rule is applicable to all the hostels- AC/ non AC hostels and all students/ interns/ PG cum tutors/ research fellows.

  • This rule will be strictly complied with and no representations from students will be entertained.

  • Students vacating the hostel must submit to the Hostel Accounting Office a hostel vacating form duly approved by the Chief Warden along with no dues certificate from the mess.In the case where the student is shifting from one hostel to another hostel, the date of allotment of room in all the above cases will be the date of initial hostel allotment and not the shifting date.

  • Every student vacating the hostel must submit to the Hostel Accounting Office a hostel vacating form duly approved by the Chief Warden.


  • Utility charges (including electricity, water cleaning maintenance and salary of hostel employees) will be collected annually along with hostel facilities fee. The actual bill towards these utilities will be announced monthly. The student will be required to pay any increase in the actual charges as compared to the amount collected in advance. Any amount collected in excess after ascertaining the actual charges will be adjusted against the charges for the subsequent period.

  • Charges for electricity, water and other utilities will be divided equally among the residents of each block/ hostel and collected at the end of each month. These charges are in addition to the hostel facilities fee.

  • Electricity charge for specified equipment/ gadgets will be collected monthly in addition to the regular utility charges. The schedule of such charges is published at the commencement of each academic year. Students will take written permission from the Chief Warden for using any specified equipment/ gadget in their rooms.
  • Outside Students In case students staying in hostels from sister colleges stay for short duration not exceeding one month in our hostels, utility charges will be collected on the following basis:
Period of Stay Charges
= <1 week One week
> 1 week < = 2 weeks Two weeks
> 2 weeks up to 1 month One month
  • In case of non-payment of utility charges for more than two months, students may not be entitled to reside in the hostels beyond the period for which hostel fee has already been paid. Defaulters list will be notified to all residents by Wardens.
  • The names of the defaulters will also be communicated to the Deans/ Medical Superintendent (in case of PGs/ HODs) for further action.
  • The defaulters will not be considered for change/retention or re-allotment of hostel accommodation.