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Manipal University with 20 institutions covering over 270 courses has turned out a large number of graduates and postgraduates over the last five and a half decades, and its alumni are spread across the world. The University desires to have every single alumnus very much a part of the set up even today. No matter which constituent MU institution an alumnus belongs to, the university takes a lot of pride in each one. They are individual ambassadors for Manipal University.

Manipal University alumni affairs office has been set up with “STTAR” (Service, Teaching, Training, Administration and Research) as its core principles. This alumni portal will help both the university and the alumni to get in touch with each other. The alumni can get any kind of information about the university, fellow students, juniors, conferences, alumni meets, featured alumni, success stories of alumni using this portal. We would like to share all that and more with every one of those who have fond memories of the university.

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