Dr. Cheryl Sarah Philipose

Associate Professor

Department of Pathology


    Associate Professor


Subject Semester / Year
Pathology III, IV, V semester MBBS


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD Pathology Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore 2016
MBBS Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore 2013


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore Associate Professor 01/10/2020 - till date
Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore Assistant Professor Teaching, diagnostic, research 16/09/2016 - 30/09/2020


Area of Interest

Oncopathology, Hematopathology, Female genital tract pathology

Area of Expertise

Hematopathology, Female genital tract pathology

Area of Research

Hematopathology, Female genital tract pathology, Infectious diseases

1.   Philipose CS, T Umashankar. The Role of Hematological parameters in the prediction of malaria with special emphasis on neutrophil lymphocyte count ratio and monocyte lymphocyte ratio: A single Institutional experience. Trop Parasitol.2016;6:147-50.

2.   Gupta K, Philipose CS, Rai S, Ramapuram J, G Kaur, Kini H, Venkataramana CG, Adiga D. A study of Pap smear in HIV positive women from a tertiary care center in South India. Acta Cytol 2019;63:50-5.

3.   Rai S, Lali BS, Venkataramana CG, Philipose CS, Rao R, Prabhu GGL. Quest for accuracy: Utility of Paris system for reporting urinary cytology in diagnosing Urothelial carcinoma.2019;36:169-73.doi:10.4103/JOC_67_18.1.     

4. Mathur S, Philipose CS, Ganaraja B. Effect of Aqueous Extract of Liquorice (G. Glabra L) in Treatment of Stress Induced Gastric Ulcer in Wistar Rats. Phcog J.2019;11:1526-31. doi 10.5530/pj.2019.11.23.

5. Basavaiah SH , Lobo FD , Philipose CS , Suresh PK , Sreeram S , Kini H, Sahu KK, Prasad K. Clinicopathological spectrum of solitary Plasmacytoma: a single center experience from coastal India. BMC Cancer. 2019;19:801. doi.org/10.1186/s12885-019-5976-7.

1. Aberrant expression of CD markers in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A study from a tertiary care center in south India. 2. A rare case of bone marrow infiltration by Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with coexisting Tuberculosis and Leukemoid reaction in a young female patient. 3. A neurofibroma with a twist 4. A rare case of Piloleiomyoma presenting as forehead swelling 5. Manipal research grant Title of study: Study of Micronucleoli score on cytological specimens of beningn and malignant breast lesions.